Our History

As one of the first molders of Fluorinated Elastomers, IER Fujikura has been the leader in the technical culture of synthetic elastomers. 

  • Founded in 1958 as Industrial Electronic Rubber
  • Focus on critical sealing applications and highly engineered materials
  • Growth through Engineering & Laboratory support to customers
  • 1975 Entered joint venture with Fujikura Composites Ltd. (Japan)
  • 2000 Implemented HCR Injection molding operation
  • 2003 Acquired first Liquid Injection molding machine 
  • 2006 Acquired by Fujikura Composites Ltd. and established IER Fujikura
  • 2010 Implemented Liquid Silicone molding, LIM into production
  • 2012 Introduced ultra sonic mold cleaning system
  • 2013 Upgraded insert cleaning /prep operations
  • 2014 Added state of the art Basler and DOSS visual inspection systems
  • 2017 Plant modernization
  • 2018 Added plastic injection molding