Rubber diaphragms, which are required to have pressure controlling, barrier membrane, and sealing functions, are Fujikura Composites, Inc's. main products. 

Many users are utilizing these as composite components combining the sealing function of rubber with the fabric for the purpose of pressure resistance control. 

For Fujikura Composites, Inc., which started Japan’s first fabric coated rubber sheets factory, diaphragms are its main product as they transferred the composites technology of rubber and fabric. We originally began with the manufacture of diaphragms for well pumps, and recently our diaphragms are widely used also as automotive components. We are highly regarded as Japan’s leading diaphragm manufacturing company. 

Diaphragms are generally known as thin membranes used for separation. 
Their three main actions are as follows. 

  • Role as a barrier membrane: Plays a role as a membrane separating different liquids. 
  • Role of pressure control: Plays a role in changing pressure to movement and movement to pressure. 
  • Role as a pump: Plays a role in maintaining sealing to prevent liquids or gases taken in or exhausted from entering the inside of a machinery unit. 

There are generally two types of diaphragms, namely flat diaphragms and rolling diaphragms. 

We propose products with various shapes and materials to match our customers’ needs, from rubber-only diaphragms for high sensitivity, to diaphragms with fabric included for improved strength (resistance to pressure).